Great tour guide for the ride to Ba Vì! Congratulations Ms.Huong

Ba Vi National Park is 60km from Ha Noi. It would take you 40 minutes to leave the heavy traffic of Hanoi behind and starts the idyllic countryside. For the next one hour or so, you travel in the middle of mountains and resort areas catering mainly Vietnamese tourists who simply want to get out of the summer heat of Hanoi.

Ba Vi National Park

As you walk through the door of the national park, get gradients steeper. All are just covered in trees and most of the time you will not be able to get a good view of the surroundings. In nearly half in the national park, there are some simple and restaurants guest houses for visitors to fill their empty stomach on the way to the top.

Passing the restaurant area, the forest becomes thicker and cold reminds us that we are to rise, and higher in elevation. The summit of Ba Vi National Park is Mount Tan Vien which is 1397m above sea level.

On the top there is a nice cafe for you to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Here, there are two temples for you to visit: A temple is dedicated to a general from the time that no one remember, the other in Ho Chi Minh. Hiking in the temples require little physical effort and the reward is worth it. Ho Chi Minh Temple you can get a panoramic view of the area that looks like a painting old: green mountains along the Black (Da River) River. From this point of view, I start thinking about my next adventure: drift along the Black River
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