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What will you do firstly when you have a plan to travel to a country that you don’t know? We might not absolutely ignore information from internet, guide book and friends who have been to the country. It is true that we probaly get lost in the matrix of different information. After one mouse-click on Google, the it shows the result of thousands of different tourist companies ranging from the trustworthy and reliable to the downright fraudulent. But how can you notify the difference? A holiday is an important event – if it goes wrong, it can ruin your year.

1:Probity & Competency – Is the company legitimate and licensed?

In Vietnam, all of tourist companies who wish to serve international tourist must obtain a Inbound and Outbound Tour Operator License. In order to get this license, the tourist company mus meet strict standards of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and deposite a large cash bond which will be used solely for compensation should the tour operator fail to meet the terms of the contract with their clients. You can require the tourist company to send you a copy of their license or you can contact Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to clarify the license number of the tourist company (Tel: (++84-4) 3943 7072 / 3942 2246 or email: support@vietnamtourism.gov.vn). You can find full information of our company as well as our Inbound and Outbound Tour Operator License number on our website: http://www.travelogyvietnam.com/


It is obvious that most of people will care about the prices as expenses for a trip will cost a part in their savings of the year. It is easy to reduce the cost of a tour by down grade standards of services, using lower class hotels, restaurants, ordering simple menus or poor quality transportation, amateur guides. You should check some tourist companies for the same tour and services to compare the prices. With Travelogy Vietnam, we always check services carefully before offering them to our clients and what is listed is a minimum – what you get is more than you expect. Our teams are capable and willing to make suggestions and give you qualified advice rather than simply process reservations.


It is difficult to check the quality of services in advance. However, you can get clues from a web site and through your correspondances with the company. Does it seem customer-friendly and customer-caring? Do they usually give you full of information you need and are they willing to share you the advantage and disadvantage of services you choose? Do they have a customer service policy and a procedure for complaint? Are their booking conditions comprehensive? Do they have a procedure for complaints? Do they offer to put you in contact with previous clients? How long does it take them to respond to your messages?


Travelogy Vietnam was established under the license of Hanoi Investment and Planning Department, No. 0105575742 and The Outbound and Inbound Tour Operator License, original No. 01-509/2012/TCDL-GP LHQT and revised No. 01-509/2014/TCDL-GP LHQT issued by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Our trusted travel experts offer exceptional service and can tailor-make an authentic holiday that’s right for you. We take the time to listen to your ideas and travel dreams, providing our honest and personal recommendations and sharing our first-hand experiences. You’ll have your own personal tour operator who’ll manage the entire process from your first enquiry to collecting feedback after your successful holiday, and will always be on hand to help and advise when needed. We would like you to check other tourist companies before you choose to travel with us. Our priority is you will have a wonderful trip and your money has been spent well.

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