Payment Method

  1. Bank transfer payment:
Travelogy Vietnam sales staff will reconfirm with guests the total amount to be paid. Customers make transfer payments for Travelogy Vietnam via bank accounts. Sales staff make payment procedures and confirm service reservations sent to guests via email.
Domestic money transfers:
Transfer information for service with VAT invoice:
Account name: Travelogy Vietnam Company Limited
Account number: 123714859
Bank: Asia - ACB
Address: 184-186 Ba Trieu - Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi - Vietnam
  1. Cash payment at the counter:
Travelogy Vietnam sales staff will reconfirm with guests the total amount to be paid. You come directly to Travelogy Vietnam office, meet sales staff to make payment procedures and receive the confirmation of the service.
  1. Online payment:
Online payment on Travelogy Vietnam website, customers choose tour, click BUY, enter passenger information, choose online payment method, customers will be transferred through payment gateway VTC Pay, customers enter personal information by themselves , when the payment is successful, it will be transferred to the confirmation page of Travelogy Vietnam.
In case of cancellation / refund when buying the tour online, the customer will be refunded through the payment gateway (bank to bank) without cash refund.
When registering for online payment, you will be asked to provide some personal information and account information.
  • For personal information: This information is only for the purpose of confirming your tour purchase and will display the necessary contents on the e-ticket. Travelogy Vietnam will also use these contact information to send you events, promotional news and special offers if you agree. This information of customers will be kept confidential by Travelogy Vietnam and will not be disclosed to third parties except with your consent or must be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws.
  • For account information: These information will be provided by Travelogy Vietnam and third parties with the highest security measures provided by world-renowned payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard to ensure the absolute security of your account information

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